Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The blog is dead - long live the blog!

I haven't written anything on this blog for more than a week now.

I'm still alive, don't worry.
But I won't publish anymore posts on this blog...

Because...*drum roll*...I've been busy building a complete new website with integrated galleries to deliver a much better reading experience! :D

Caused by already-used domain-names, I had to rename my blog a little bit. Off and away with dancingroundtheworld.blogspot.far-too-long-domain-name, here comes the all new*, shiny, totally awesome, never-before-seen...(already excited?)...!!!

I hope you enjoy it! There's already new content online. I'd be thankful as well to get some feedback how you like it and what I could improve in your opinion. ;)

The blog is dead, long live the blog!

*I've migrated all my previous posts to the new website, but beside that it's all new :)

P.S.: Did you ever try to make a picture-query for "long live the queen"? Really not what I would've expected...

Monday, 13 January 2014

Behind the scenes

As I wrote before I'm in contact with people in Sydney who are all into movie-making. This weekend I was at the set of a short movie called "The date" by Christian Reverchon. We've been shooting the whole day and I've got an acting role as a delivery man (no dirty postman scences, I promise, but if you have good postman jokes write a comment ;)). But mostly I was behind the camera behind the camera, taking stills of the set. I learned some new things and got some basic ideas of what you should look after when you shoot a movie, so overall a good day!

So what's "The date" about? I fear, I can't tell too much before it gets published but it is a romantic comedy and a mannequin plays a big role in it ;)

Read here about my other experiences I had with cinematographs in Sydney in My frist time at KINO and About coming back to work.
Sarah and the Mannequin, photobombed by Alis
Behind the scene

Thursday, 9 January 2014

How to rock a stage: Taking Berlin

On the keyboard - Cassandra
Last saturday I had the pleasure to be the stage photographer of Taking Berlin at The Standard.

When I entered the bar where they had their gig I was stunned by the great stage and the amazing lightning, making me euphoric just thinking about what great pictures I could take that night.
The bar also had a table tennis table - which should be a main feature of every good bar - but anyway, when Taking Berlin headed on stage and started playing it was like magic.

Their music makes you wanna dance, feel good and just enjoy life. So far so good if you're casual audience.
But as a photographer they stunned me in another way as well. They rocked the stage. Literally. Like jumping around and pose in different ways to entertain the audience. The bass guitarist even tried to climb on top of the speakers - he failed, but hey, climbing up with a bass in front of you can be pretty hard and at least he tried! :D
They were not that immersed into playing their songs to have concentrated faces but showed emotion! You could see how they enjoyed to play, to sing, to entertain live.

On the bass guitar - Hamish
So this was like gold for me, you could only dream of such musicians as a concert photographer. I was so excited and in mood to document this performance that I took more than 700 shots within half an hour. Sorting out and editing was hard work, but those pictures are some of my best concert shots so far.

There are bands who make good music but fail to have a good live performance. Taking Berlin doesn't. Don't miss them!

Their next gig is on the 16th of January in Sydney, for more details go to their Facebookpage.
And most impertently, listen to their songs on Soundcloud.

You can find all pictures - including pictures of the band members that haven't had space in this post - of the concert on G+ in this album.

Read more about my work as a concert photographer in About Toothbrushes, Bbq and Ildiko.

Behind the drums - David

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My first time at KINO

I've already written about that I am surrounded by people in Sydney who are all into filmmaking. So yesterday I've attended the 78th Sydney KINO (which is a very popular toppic in my circle of friends here). For 15$ we got pizza and two drinks of choice and nearly two hours of entertainment. Shortmovies from local and international producers were shown, all of them (should have) applied to the following rules:
  • The movie must be not longer than 5 minutes.
  • No advertisements. (I wonder if such obvious and cheap productplacement like in "Return of the Killertomatoes" with George Clooney would be allowed)
  • Premier of the movie at KINO with the KINO logo in the end of the movie
  • The movie must be maid for KINO
If one or more rules are broken by a filmmaker he or she gets challenged. Until the challenge is fullfilled (means screened at KINO) he is not allowed to show any other movie at KINO.

KINO is all around the world, not only in Sydney but also for example in Mauritius, in Hamburg and also in Vienna (next Screening on the 16th of January at the Schikaneder, check it out!).
Here is a list in which other citys KINO takes place.

The best about this event is that it is non-competitive but all about collaboration and networking with people who are interested in cinematogrophy as well. Newcomers are always welcome and it just feels like coming to an open family when you see how the people in the audience and the moderator are interacting and making fun of each other in a way you can only do it with people who trust and know each other well and may have even worked together.

The most outstanding movie from yesterday evening was produced in Hamburg during an annual collaboration weekend, where KINO-people come together to produce a complete movie within 48 hours.

Go on reading what other experiences with movies I had in Sydney when I wrote About coming back to work.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Birds in Sydney: The White Ibis

Walking around in Sydney's parks you'll see one bird most oftenly: The white Ibis.
Ibis, Ibis...sounds familiar? Well, if you think now about egyptian mythology you're not too wrong. There is actually a similar bird in Egypt (which is endangered in these days) called the sacred Ibis, which was being related to the god Thot, who took care of science, writing, magic and the calender. The sacred Ibis was and is seen as a symbol for good luck.
But in Australia it's better known for being a pest since they overpopulated in the citys of the east coast and got the nickname "Bin birds". You can find them in probably every park in Sydney.

Other animals I've seen so far in Australia and published pictures of are the Wallabys and the Parrots.